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SL Montevideo Technology Inc. (SL-MTI) designs and manufactures high performance precision AC and DC motors, amplifiers/drives, controllers and windings for Aerospace, Defense and Industrial markets worldwide. A supplier of high performance motion control products since 1949, for over 50 years, SL-MTI has provided solutions for their customers when performance was critical to achieve the technical as well as competitive advantage. Learn more about SL-MTI.


Special capabilities that set Dynetic Systems apart in the marketplace include:

  • EMI/RF filtering to FAA/DOD specifications

  • Sealed designs protected from environmental hazards

  • Hollow shafts for feed-through of vacuum/wire/etc.

  • Actuators/lead screws/brakes/tachometers/encoders integrated into a single design solution

  • Compliance testing to military style specifications

  • Custom connectors, leads and wire harnesses

  • CARC or other special coatings/plating

  • custom brackets and mounting hardware

  • 3D models in Solid Works available for download into your design

  • Voltage/armature winding/wire gauge customized to the application to maximize motor life

Standard Motors

  • Brushed or BLDC

  • Pre-Designed

  • Standard Sizes

Motors that are designed to standard industrial specifications. Low voltage DC Servo Motors.

Can be wound to your voltage and current requirments. 100% QC inspected.

Custom Motors

  • Customize our Standard Products

  • Ground up designs

  • Build to print

Customize our high quality standard motors or build one to your design or print specifications. Full motor design staff available.

Special Design Motors

  • Windings

  • A/C Motors

  • Down Hole

  • LA Torquers

Motors designed from scratch or built to print for special industry requirements such as custom sizes, extreme temperature, IP 67 sealed and more.


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Dynetic Systems was purchased by SL Montevideo Technology, Inc. on July 25th, 2014.

Avon, Ohio, 19 November 2012 -- WheelTug plc is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding...


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