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custom motors

Land, Sea, or Air, whatever your needs are in motion control, SL Montevideo is prepared to deliver either a standard or custom designed motor or actuator solution.

Our Engineering staff is available to assist you in properly selecting and sizing a motor. Prototyping is available for OEM applications. Design possibilities include: low and high temp, wet motors, high altitude, custom shafts, cables, connectors and much more, or other special requirements.

Designed in the USA, SLMTI works with you to deliver the custom motor or sub-assembly you require for a complete turn key solution.



sealed motors

"IP-65" Sealed motor specifications rendering them impervious to airborn dust, dirt and jet streams of liquid.
Totally enclosed, non ventilated structure, utilizing O-Rings between all housing and end cap joints.


mil-std motors

In addition to building custom applications for military use, our complete line of standard products can be ordered with special military construction included.


extreme temp motors

Our motors operate from -55C to +200C. The full line of standard products can be customized to operate from DOWN-HOLE or up to 58,000 feet above sea level.



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Digital sensorless brushless motor
Factory set for 500 to 10,000RPM. Power up to 500 Watts & 150 in-oz torque. 12-28 VDC.
Digital speed governing. Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.
"Soft Start" for low current, smooth start up. Dry or wet versions.
Options for mounting, shafts, cables, connector, finish, etc.
DO16D EMI Pending. Low Temperature Range Pending.


emi filtering motors

Integral EMI/RFI FIlters are available to meet the requirements of industrial, DO160D, or MIL-STD-461 standards.



aerospace motors

Aircraft and Aerospace auxilary motors . Dynetic Systems makes brushed, brushless motors in aviation and military grades with capabilities to over 1 hp. The entire standard product line is available as military and aviation grade by adding the necessary options listed to the right. Application designs include: light controls, Home defense, Camera mounts, pumps, pan & tilt, auxilary motion.


military motors

SLMTI has designed thousands of motors for special applications such as communications, drone propulsion, high altitude and deep submergence with: Sealed Designs, EMI-RFI Filtering, Custom connections, MIL-STD810, MIL-STD-461E, RTCA DO-160D.
Over the past 30 years we have designed motors and actuators for robotic drives, unmanned vehicle controls, military assault weapons, radar system, UUV propulsion drives, positioning gearmotors for gimble mounts.


robotic motors

Arm joints, End effectors, Traction drives, Thrusters. Our special magnet design gives our motors an advantage when both power and precise positioning are needed in one package. Using one or more COTS products to design your robotics systems has effects on nearly all activities and products process: architecture and design, effort and cost estimation, validation and testing, and reliability. Your whole project benefits.


cnc motors

For over 50 years SLMTI has built one of the most reliable and precise servo motors on the market. We have a reputation for designing and building high quality motors with extremely low cogging. We offer a full line of gearheads that complement the motors with extremely low backlash. Our brushless line is available with integrated electronics to reduce footprint and simplify maintenance.


factory automation motors

SLMTI carries a full line of both AC and DC motors designed to operate in drive or servo operations. Both AC and DC motors have matching control electronics allowing for centralized control of the manufacturing line. Our AC motors are drop in compatible to most majors brands. Our DC motors come in either bushed or brushless with a full range of options and controls including integrated controllers and on board stored routines. Metrology, machine toll, robotics, conveyors, packaging, printing, labeling


semiconductor motors

Spin coater, Wafer processor, Precision motion
Drive Motor for spin coating operations during semiconductor manufacturing.
Direct drive DC brushed hollow shaft motor. Encoder velocity & position feedback. Vacuum seal mounting plate. IP54 O-ring sealed housing. Precision ground shaft.


uuv motors

Propulsion Thruster Motor for unmanned underwater robot. Up to six units used per machine. Brushed high torque Rare Earth magnet planetary gear motor with custom output shaft. Half the size and weight of previously used motor with increased thrust.


medical motors

SLMTI has released enhanced washdown capable motor designs to the IP-65 standard. This is accomplished using IP-65 compatible components in the wiring connector and all joints, as well as stainless steel sealed bearings and shafts. Replaceable brushes are protected using O-rings in the brush cap. Optional encoders are encluded in an IP-65 rated housing. One recent application uses 1.5 inch diameter motors in precision positioning devices conducting food processing/packaging. The system requires periodic washdown, and the servo-motors are performing flawlessly in this environment.
Used in hospital beds, X-ray tables, Scanner tables, and Blood testing equipment.

Manufacturer of Highly Engineered Motors and Motion Control Products
SL Montevideo
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