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Framelss motors are suited for a variety of applications such as in medical devices, semiconductor equipment and satellite tracking systems. Frameless motors are integrated directly onto the system, thus eliminating the need for an additional shaft, bearings and end-bells.

Frameless motors are supplied as two seperate components: the Rotor (Field) and Stator (Armature). This reduces volume and weight while offering improved servo power and responsiveness. Custom designed Frameless motors for military and aerospace are fabricated using high performance alloys for maximum performance and minimum weight.

Frameless 1.4 Motor

FR05  Consult Factory on all models

Servo style high speed winding. 4 windings available.

Frameless Motor

FR221  Consult Factory

Designed to drive small pumps and fan systems. High current, low voltage application.

Frameless Motor

FR421  Consult Factory

400 Hz used in premium applications such as Military and Aerospace.

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